Burge Organic Farm

Take Care, Eat Well!

Burge Organic Farm cultivates certified USDA Organic Produce on 16 beautiful acres in Mansfield, Georgia. The farm is situated in the heart of a 1000 acre plantation that has been in the same family since 1809. 

You can taste our produce by visiting one of the two farmers markets we frequent, or by purchasing a share in our farm's CSA Program.

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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an innovative model of food distribution that connects the consumer directly with the farmer. A CSA customer essentially buys a stake in the farm and in return, receives a regular delivery of fresh produce throughout the growing season.  CSA is a great way to create local food infrastructure, reducing our dependence on imported/shelf stable foods and fossil fuels all while connecting families and neighbors to the benefits of local seasonal agriculture.

Each week (or bi-weekly, if you choose), you will receive 7-10 items that represent the height of seasonal quality.  Each box should be sufficient to provide 2-5 meals-worth of veggies, depending on your diet.  Half shares will be delivered every other week, providing a good option for smaller families and those who travel often, preventing you from being overwhelmed by produce.

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When people start a CSA for the first time, they often fail to see the challenge of eating locally. You are making a commitment to eating healthy season-focused foods, which is in direct contradiction to the way most of us have learned to eat. It is not easy to have your menu planned out for you by Nature- but it is more sustainable, more healthy, and ultimately, more enjoyable. In order to help you transition to a more local diet, each box will include a list of items along with a recipe under the consult of Burge Plantation’s executive chef, Andrew Feathersone.

There are several well-established CSA’s available now in the Atlanta area, but we hope to offer you a unique value with your subscription.  You are more than a customer by joining the CSA, you are a partner.  We want to offer you not only the weekly produce, but also the story of how your food is grown, and the opportunity to come visit and see the process for yourself. We will offer a CSA potluck dinner each season so members can tour the farm and swap stories and recipes with other CSA customers.


We pledge to provide the freshest, highest quality organic vegetables and fruits. Most of the produce you receive from us will be less than 48 hours from the field when you are able enjoy it. We commit to using, and often surpassing, USDA Organic standards. That means we use no synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or soil fumigants.  Although many of our methods are time-intensive and don’t generate profit for the farm, we believe that putting a priority on soil health and conservation as well as promoting biodiversity results in beautiful, flavorful, and clean produce that you can serve to your family and friends with pride.