Burge Organic Farm

Take Care, Eat Well!

Burge Organic Farm cultivates certified USDA Organic Produce on 16 beautiful acres in Mansfield, Georgia. The farm is situated in the heart of a 1000 acre plantation that has been in the same family since 1809. 

You can taste our produce by visiting one of the two farmers markets we frequent, or by purchasing a share in our farm's CSA Program.


Burge Organic Farm is comprised of 16 intensively managed acres scattered around 1,000 acres of preserved land near Mansfield, Georgia. The Farm has been certified USDA Organic since 2007.

The farm is able to draw on an agricultural heritage leading back to before the Civil War. We are committed to responsible stewardship so that the land remains fertile for generations to come. To read more of the History of Burge, CLICK HERE

We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at the farm, with a focus on sustainable production of heritage and specialty varieties. We love to grow food in a way that enriches the soil as well as the people it feeds. We are grateful to be part of an emerging local food economy that includes both amazing growers and a growing army of well-informed passionate eaters.

We hope to be able to feed you this year! 


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